My Most Extensive Edits

Let me preface this section with stating that as much as possible I try to get what I want in camera with as little editing as possible. With that said sometimes I have to think outside the box and try to piece together a final image I'm happy with. My background has always been post production so I am proud and most importantly have a lot of fun when I make images like the ones you see below. 


I was greeted with an amazing moonrise and couldn't believe my eyes. Capturing a correctly exposed moon and foreground is very difficult so I edited this to represent what my eyes saw. I removed the glow from the overexposed moon and then replaced the ocean with another take I captured. After that I inserted the moon from a shot where I underexposed everything else and then added the stars from yet another shot.


This image is one of my most well received ones even though it's a little more cheesy than intended. This is a more in depth edit. Initially I replaced the head with one from a different take where I liked the expression more. After that I filled back in the cards that got ruined. Then it was a matter of retouching the face, cleaning up the background, and then populating the shot with cards from other shots to give it a more dynamic mood.


This is another case of editing the image in order to communicate what my eyes saw. The first thing was to shift the colors around to get the dynamic combination that was present. After removing some sensor dust I added another shot of the moon that was present at the time just outside of frame. Lastly I took some birds that were flying by and composited them and did some final color tweaks.


This image titled spirit water was my attempt at a surreal looking image. The edit was pretty straight forward. I cleaned up the background, removed my hand (replaced with a shot of just the stem of the glass) and then changed the hue of the water to look more like wine. Lastly I added a reflection on the bottom to ground the image and make it more unbelievable.


This was a spec advertisement for a David Beckham Cologne I had laying around the house. First thing I did was remove any small specks of dust or scratches from the surface. After that it was a matter of masking the bottle from the original background and creating a new one with a backlight and glossy surface reflection.