Ahmad Merhi Visual Effects Portfolio

My personal journey through Visual Effects and all neighboring disciplines (Compositing, Lighting, Modeling, etc..) has been a long one but it is still just beginning. I'm completely self taught and will explore anything that peaks my interest. Below you'll find a collection of my best work so far along with some small descriptions (reading optional) about the projects. I hope you enjoy!


Benny The Robot

Here is a full CG shot that I created for the first in hopefully a long line of quirky little robots, his name is Benny. This was a collection of alI of the skills I wanted to improve including modeling, texturing, sound design, lighting, and rendering. I learned a lot during this process and had a great time creating it from the ground up, I feel like I've leveled up after this and can't wait to keep growing!

Hour Glass Reveal

One of my most recent pieces involving a lot of moving parts and new techniques. This was my first time creating a simple rig and keyframe animating in 3D and I’m very pleased with the outcome. A simple idea inspired by a gift from my sister. I explored UV unwrapping, some more complex materials, and some fantastical fluid rendering in this sequence.

Chess Pieces


Here was an exercise in modeling, texturing, and live action compositing. The back plate image of the chess board and apartment are physically photographed and the chess pieces were created, lit, and composited in 3ds Max using Vray and a spherical HDRI of the environment. Above you can find a small breakdown of the process behind this photo.

Hallway Particle Simulation

This was a shot inspired by the amazing work of Johannes Schlörb. As soon as I saw his shot, I knew I had to try and replicate it. The concept is simple and straightforward but in the process there were many nuances of the simulation I wasn't expecting. I used Mparticles in 3ds Max along with Vray to render. It was a great learning experience. If you would like to see the original video from Johannes it will be linked below.

Wayfair Inspired Vray Render

While researching different companies offering 3D positions, I came across Wayfair 3D University, an informational site created by the artists responsible for the photo-realistic product renders on their site. There was an immense well of information on that site so I took it upon myself to try and implement techniques described in my own work. I've always had an appreciation for Archiviz and Interior Design 3D artists so it was exciting to dip my toes in the water so to speak.

Head in the Clouds

This was a concept I had been sitting on for a while. I have a personal obsession with clouds and anything volumetric so I wanted to visualize the phrase "Head in the Clouds". This was a challenging yet extremely fulfilling project to create.

Stranger Things Fully CG Environmental Portrait


Here is another case of inspiration striking in the most unexpected places. After falling in love with the look of the Upside Down, I decided to try and insert myself into the heart of it. I modeled the background cave and fabricated the weapon from spare parts. I went into great detail about this photo in a blog post linked below that includes time lapses of the creation process.

FumeFX Simulations


As mentioned previously, I adore volumetrics and how they behave. I frequently do tests of FumeFX but I'm limited in how many highly detailed renders I can create due to the  sheer size of the simulations. To the left are two studies of larger scale emissions.

Portal Simulation

Here is a more fantasy driven effect inspired by Doctor Strange's magic portal. This was a great informational project to do because I learned how to utilize RGB lighting to be able to relight in compositing, saving myself a great amount of time in simulating and re-rendering.


Floating Books Composite Photo

This photo was a fully 2D composite but it was a great thing to shoot because of it's simplicity. I had been planning this shot for a while so I made sure to put in a lot of preparation before shooting. All that preparation paid off incredibly well in the edit and allowed this to be a fairly smooth yet still strong edit.